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What's your why?

As I was listening to one of my favorite speakers, Les Brown, he mentioned this quote. I believe that there are so many people that never experience the second most important day of their life because they become comfortable in the every day life that they lead. Please note--I said comfortable, not happy. There have been many times that I've walked by people and asked how they are and I've gotten responses like: "Good, it's almost Friday" or "I'm here". Phrases like that lead me to believe that those people are living every work day waiting for Friday. My question to many of these people...if I were to ask, would be what are you doing to provide yourself with an opportunity to enjoy waking up and going to work? There are so many people dreading the sound of their alarm clock in the morning, not because they don't like to wake up early, but because they aren't looking forward to the way they spend their day. They wake up, go to work and wait for their lunch break, then they wait for the clock to strike whatever time it strikes for them to get off. If this is you, ask yourself what it is you really wish to do in order to help this world be better than it was when you entered it. What is it that you enjoy so much that you lose track of time when you do it? How can you use that enjoyment and be of service to others? My belief is that God has given each of us a purpose for being on this earth, and there is enough room for everyone to get out and do whatever it is they desire to do. The first step is finding out your purpose. I took some advice from a YouTube recording of Earl Nightingale which helped me jump start my journey as a writer. Think of one goal, and write it on an index card. Put the card somewhere that you will see it often, maybe even several times in a day. For thirty days, dedicate one hour toward something that will help you reach that goal. If you miss a day, you start your thirty days over. The bottom line is---you must put in the work. There are tons of people who are living their dreams and fulfilling their purpose in life. Why can't it be you? I once heard someone say, you can't pay someone to do your pushups, you can't have someone go to the doctor's office to get a check up for you. And, I would like to add, that you must go out and grab ahold of your dreams and discover your own purpose in life, because that, my dear is another one of those things that no one else can do for you. If you don't know what your purpose is, then the second most important of your life is still waiting for you. Go out and discover your WHY...

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