• Richelle

Keeping it Real

In a world full of photos and filters there is a huge longing for approval. During our family 4th of July celebration, I started thinking of this when my mom took a picture of my cousin and me. As soon as a picture was snapped, we both said "Let me see it." We both turned to each other and laughed but then reached for my mom's cell phone to make sure we looked okay in the pic. When it all boils down to it, I shouldn't have been concerned with how the picture looked. It was a picture of me, and every picture I take isn't going to look like it should be featured in a magazine. In fact, if I'm quite honest, half of my pictures don't look that way. We look at Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat (which I just learned to use), and any other social media sites and gawk at the pictures and lifestyles of people we barely know or don't know at all. We look at their hair, car(s), home(s), family or whatever else they show and we begin to wish we had this or that like them. But the truth is, we all only post the things we WANT people to see. People promoting healthy relationships aren't posting about the argument they just had with their spouse right before they posted a pic of them smiling and saying how much they love them. (And why should they? It's none of our business.) What I am learning to do is stay in my own lane and concentrate on what I have and focus on

the goals I am trying to reach. I enjoy looking at pictures and reading the posts of many people, but I also keep in mind that I can't compare my life to theirs. I think the world can benefit from each of us a little more if we stop trying to be perfect and just start being real. But, being real with others means that we first must be real with ourselves.

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