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A Classic Man

I was listening to Jidenna's single, "Classic Man" this morning on the radio, and it made me start thinking. I have never been an outgoing, life of the party, all eyes on me type of girl. In fact, I am quite the opposite, I like to sit back and observe those around me. And what I have observed lately is that a lot of females are going for guys with "swag" or I hear a lot of people say they would rather a "bad" boy over a gentleman because "good" guys are boring. Huh? So you want a "bad" boy cause being with a guy that has manners is no fun... Well, maybe that's true when you first meet him, but when that "bad" boy starts living up to his name and treating you bad then you cry and wonder how you always end up getting hurt. And, while this may not be true for everyone, I know that I've heard statements like this a lot and they have never made sense to me. Call me old fashioned, but I'm always down for a guy that's going to open doors for me and treat me like a lady. I don't know where the idea of a man having manners or having total respect for women has made them square. As a mother of two young males, I am raising them to open doors for me, to get groceries out of the car when we get home, and if there are no extra seats in a room, offer a woman or a person that is older than them to have their seat. There are small things that I try to instill in them now so that when they get older, it will be natural to them.

So, in thinking about all of these things I compiled a list of traits I think a "classic man" would possess:

1. God fearing (led by God)

2. Has a plan for his life AND works toward reaching his goals

3. Knows how to treat a woman AND does those things

4. Willing to help his mate reach her full potential

5. Understands that though he is the "head" of the relationship, he must show his woman he is worthy of her respect.

Of course, there are other great qualities that could be listed, but to me, the rest are bonuses. What is your idea of a "classic man"? Feel free to leave comments below.

Until next time...

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