The Lesson My Son's Love of Shoes Taught Me

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways" declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8 I am the mother of two boys. One of which is a thirteen year old, whose fondness for sneakers would rock any rating chart. Well, a few days ago my oldest asked for a pair of shoes which "only cost $180.00". And anyone who has a teenager can attest to this...they grow overnight! I was thinking that if I buy the shoes now, in three months he won't be able to fit them, Christmas is coming (and he'd probably get the shoes then) etc. I explained to him that he could not get the shoes and listed off a few reasons why. He didn't understand my logic. All he heard was that he could not have the shoes that he so desperately had to have (so he thought). He walked away and came back a little later with more explanations as to why he needed these shoes. I was frustrated and asked, "Why do you ask me for things and when I say no, you come back with reasons for why I should say yes. I am your mother and I know what's best for you..." (I spoke a little longer, but you get the picture). Lol! Then, it dawned on me...adults do the same thing to God. When we want a job, money, or a date with a man we think is worthy we go before Him and pray that the prayer gets answered. Well sometimes he does answer by saying NO. And while it seems easy to SAY that we will wait on God's best for us, when it comes time to wait, realistically it's easier to get frustrated with the process and go back and beg for whatever it is that we want from Him or try to fix it ourselves (guilty). It's not easy to get turned down when we feel strongly about something or SOMEONE being a good fit for our lives. But while we are looking at things from our narrow perspective we must realize that God has a bird's eye view on our lives and we have to trust Him even if we think He's moving too slow. His timing is perfect. He can see what we can't.

And just because we don't get what we've asked for, doesn't mean that our prayers aren't answered or that they won't get answered in the future. You know that job you want? Well, maybe it's not as great of an opportunity as you think. You just might get a better offer later down the road. Or the manager that interviewed you seemed nice, but might not be the supervisor you envisioned them to be. Maybe God is protecting you from landing a job you'll grow to dread going to. And what about that guy you so desperately want in your life? You know the guy who looks great, has a fabulous job, and calls you every once in a while just to string you along. (Yep, that one). You pray for the day he'll come around but he doesn't. You're sitting there like God, do you hear me? Yeah He does. He can even hear our silent cries. Maybe we need to stop and realize that the person who isn't listening isn't's us. Sometimes His silence to our prayers is the answer. Rest and know that just as we know what's best for our children that our Heavenly Father also knows what's best for His. We are human and we make mistakes raising our children, but He is all our all knowing Father. We need to practice resting in His arms and understand that when He says no to something He makes no mistakes even when we don't understand why we can't have what we want.

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