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Less #NetflixAndChill More #GetRealAndBuild

I was on Instagram and saw the hashtag #netflixandchill and that got me to thinking, (anything triggers this mind). Now, before I start--please know that I'm cool with watching a good movie and chillin. My issue with the hashtag is---there's gotta be more substance to the relationship than just having some chill time with your boo or bae (if you aren't married or in a committed relationship). I think so many people are wrapped up in just having a warm body to curl up with on a lonely night (or day), that they accept invitations to hangout, but once the chill time is over...then what? If you can't BUILD with them...why CHILL with them? You're giving away your time which is precious and priceless. And, once you spend time, u can't get it back. Don't settle for being merely a chill partner. Building a godly relationship that's based on purpose and trust is so much more beneficial than hanging with someone that's admitting that they're just looking to have a good time. If they say that's all they're looking for, believe them. Don't think that because you go around them more it'll change their mind. Because the only person that can change someone's mind is that person. Period! Spare the chill time you know will never amount to anything else and sacrifice having a "bae". While people are out having #netflixandchill nights with random people they know they wouldn't settle down with, opt to chill alone and work on bettering your craft, discovering your purpose, or read a book that will prepare you to be a great helpmeet to your future mate. In other words, do something to make yourself someone who can add value to a relationship as well. Become the person that the man of your dreams would want to be with. Don't be a nickel out here looking for a dime (LOL thanks for that line Lyfe Jennings). It's true, you have to make sure that you're a great catch for this wonderful person you hope to settle down with one day.

We gotta stop allowing our feelings to rule us. So, you get lonely every once in a while? Guess what!?? FEELINGS AREN'T FACTS tell those feelings to chill! You won't always be in the season you're in...don't settle for mediocre.

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