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The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift

Call me crazy, a hater, or whatever you want, but celebrating Valentine's Day, has become highly commercialized. Many, people (not all) are celebrating "the day of love" because it is what is expected not because they truly desire to be romantic. Now, before I get into this understand that I'm not downing the act of showing love to your significant other. But as far as I'm concerned, it's not a day that has to be highly prioritized...especially if someone does acts of kindness or professes their love on a regular basis. Having an appointed day for someone spend money on roses, chocolates, stuffed animals, or jewelry (well maybe the jewelry is okay...just kidding) is not me. I am such a lover of love and all that it encompasses, but I feel that love should be shown all year round.

Valentine's Day has become a spring board for showing off the appearance of love and affection rather than it being a day truly reserved for celebrating love. It looks good on the outside to receive a dozen roses at work, but was the gift bought from the heart? Sure, many say that no one wants a gift that's not given genuinely. But there's a huge difference in simply saying something and saying something that you mean. In this case, it's usually the latter. I see it happen all of the time. When gifts aren't bought or someone isn't taken out to eat they pout.

It's more special for love to be shown, acknowledged, and appreciated daily. I think most of us women can agree that big fancy gifts don't compare to spending pure, quality time with the one you love. So, before you go around getting the "Valentine's Day blues" or getting upset with your man for not buying you 2 dozen roses and taking you to a fancy restaurant (where you'll likely sit over an hour waiting on a table) think about how many people get the gifts WITHOUT the love.

I'd rather someone pay attention to the small details about me and the things I like and respond accordingly. A man that prays with me, puts his arm around me when I'm sad, or just listens when I need to vent can make me smile ten times more than any gift he could ever purchase for me.So, ultimately, the best Valentine's Day gift I could ever receive is knowing that I am loved all year round. Sound off. What is your ultimate Valentine's Day gift?

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