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Got Social Media Envy?

We live in a world that has become an electronic popularity contest. People only post what they want you to see. They give you a glimpse of their personal world (even when you think they are baring it all.) Yet we still look at other people's social media feeds and become envious of the lives they lead. The truth is, that although social media can be used as a great networking tool, for some it has become a huge distraction.

Some people are so "thirsty" for likes and attention that they will say anything or post pics of themselves doing degrading things. All for a bunch of people they proabably don't even know to press a button. Don't over expose yourself (your body or your business) just for people to give you the one second it takes to press the "like" button. This is your life and it's more than just being popular it's about having character and integrity---every day. You don't want people in your business? Then, stop sharing it with everyone. I see too many people using Facebook and Twitter as a diary, they air out all of their frustrations and talk about people like it's a private conversation. Hellooooo??? You have hundreds of people following you. Everyone that follows you, isn't cheering for you. Don't be that person that starves for social media popularity.

You can't compare your life to other people on social media. I have met several people in person who are absolutely NOT the way they appear to be online. There are so many ways that we can create our own world that doesn't even exist. Sometimes the people who look like they have the most glamorous lives online are really empty and they seek validation through others.

Many times, the selfies we see with #nofilter--- may not be filtered, but I'm willing to bet that the person you see in that "effortlessly" gorgeous photo probably took about 50 pictures similar to the one they posted. We are our own worst critic. So most likely they had to check the lighting, suck in their stomach, tilt their head, and so on. (The first selfie is rarely seen by anyone other than the person taking it.) A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of my mom and me. Now, on the surface, it appears that we just smiled, snapped the pic and then it was posted, but in reality, it took us about 20 times to get it right. Our hair was sticking up, she was smiling, but I wasn't, we were too close to the camera, etc. But no one saw all of that (except my boys who were in the back seat complaining that we were taking too long to take one pic LOL). All that people could see is that we took a nice pic. We don't see the effort behind many of the pictures and videos we oooo and ahhhhh over. So don't think that others just walk around being able to be glamorous all of the time.

I think we have all found ourselves checking to see how many "likes" we can get on a post or better yet how fast we can get them. I've learned that the popularity of a picture has nothing to do with the cleverness or intelligence behind it. It has to do with how visually appealing it is--and nd who is putting it up. I could put up a selfie and generate triple the amount of "likes" I would get on a post that praises God or tells my followers to have a great day. Now what is my selfie promoting? Absolutely NOTHING, yet a post that urges someone to think positvely may not recieve much attention at all. Why is that?

And for goodness sake, don't yank a picture down because it didn't recieve many "likes". If you liked the picture enough to post it on your page leave it there. It's your page, so don't let the fact that only a few people liked it persuade you to take it down.

I can only speak for myself when I say that it's easy to get sucked into the "oh they live a better life than me" vacuum. We look at people's hair, nails, makeup, body, etc. and we admire them so much that we forget to be present in our own life. There have been several instances that I've gone down people's timeline and admired people's relationships (which I know NOTHING about), looked at their house, or how they "treat their children" and have questioned myself and why I can me more like so and so... If you've never done that then kuddos to you because the facade that people can put up online can become very enticing...and if you've been one to escape the tempation to go on someone else's page "just to see what they're talkin' bout" then you are probably one in a million.

Wanna know my problem with spending too much time "scrolling"? The time we take to stalk someone else's page or timeline, we could be creating a better life for ourselves. While we are reading posts and watching people promote their books, food items, or clothing we could be sharpening our craft and working on our own projects.

So before I sign off, my take aways from my social media discovery are:

1. To stop envying someone else's "highlight reel" (AKA their feed) and realize that they are only portraying the side of them they want us to see and know.

2. Make sure that when I post, I put up something purely because I like it and don't worry about how many people tap "like"

3. Have fun with social media, but don't let it get take up too much time

4. Be true to who I am

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