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Overcoming Fear

After reading Marianne Williamson’s inspiring quote on our deepest fear for about the 500th time in my life, it finally clicked. It’s not my excuses have held me back from accomplishing things, it’s me. I’ve been guilty of talking myself out of reaching my own goals. Within the last month or so, I’ve began to delve into my own version of Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes. My sister and I read and enjoyed the book so much that we did a YouTube video on it. You can check it out:

Delving into the crevices of my life, by reading a lot of self help books, listening to empowering podcasts (Myleik Teele’s in particular), and doing a lot of self reflection has caused me to reach the horrifying conclusion that I have been my biggest hurdle in accomplishing my goals. I thought my excuses were legit. They were things like: I don’t have time, I don’t have the proper resources, I only have one income in the home—I can’t afford to…(blah, blah, blah). But, as I began to dig deeper into the success of others, I noted one major difference amongst other small ones, of course. The biggest difference in them and me was their tenacity and willingness to stick to whatever it was that they set out to do no matter what obstacles stood in their way. I started to realize that I love success stories. I enjoy reading about the “rags to riches” stories or the triumph the people feel when they reach the peak of the mountain of struggle they must climb in order to reach their goal(s). When I read or hear of success stories, it’s like the worse the people have it in the beginning—the better the story is to me. Then it dawned on me—I’m SUPPOSED to go through the things I go through in order to GROW. Sure, it sounds good to hear someone else say this, but admitting this to myself umm... not so much.

You may be asking yourself the question I asked before I wrote my blog post on Sara Jakes Roberts' newest book, Don’t Settle for Safe. The question was What do I do first? ANSWER:Sit still and pray.See, the way I’m set up, I need to see everything laid out before I make a move. I need to know that once I set out to begin the race (or task) that I am going to succeed. I NEED to know that I’m not going to fail in order to start. But, because I’ve always waited for perfection and because I’ve held on to the unrealistic expectation of not failing, I’ve stopped myself from doing so much. I've started asking questions I would normally suppress, I've started putting up videos on my InstaStories that actually show that I am a FUN person not just a girl that knows how to eloquently post a picture while nailing a well thought of caption for it. Wondering what people will think of a blog post if I actually hit publish has prevented me from sharing some pretty dope stuff with you. It’s stopped me from posting pictures on social media because…criticism. Well, I’ve decided that every day I am going to choose greatness over fear. As I said in my I don’t have to see the whole picture in order to start taking steps, and neither do you. My hope when I publish these blog posts is two fold. I need to hold myself accountable (so I tell y’all what I’m going to do) and I also want to help you too. After all, we are all in this together. :-) What is it that you want to do, but haven’t done yet? Why? Don’t let the judgment of others prevent you from your success. You might be asking the same question I wondered before I took the plunge and started pushing fear to the side: about Sarah Jakes Roberts’ newest book Before you set for the to do anything you need to be sure of your intentions. Once you’re sure that you want to write the book, start the business, pursue the relationship or __________ (I’ll let you fill in the blank) then set small, attainable goals to get you on the path to doing it. Then you do the inevitable—YOU DO IT.

Taking the first step to being more vulnerable was the hardest part for me, but once I discovered:

(1) not sharing things I’ve learned is selfish

(2) the worse that could happen is that I mess up and that would lead me to finding a better way to do things next time

(3) I feel better doing what I love

I am so excited to truly embark on a journey of the unknown because it’s my passion and I see so many people rocking it in the area(s) they love by walking in their purpose. Join me. Get yourself in gear and start doing something you love. Let me know what you’re starting on and what motivates you. Remember, when you play small you can’t serve the world. Don’t dim your light for others to shine. We all are all bright lights created to brighten the world…so let’s SHINE together. :-)

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