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Kick Fear and Procrastination to the Curb

If you have been following my blog for the last couple of posts then you know that I have been on this journey to free myself from the fears that have for far too long held me back from living life at my greatest potential.

At one point, I truly thought that me being a single mom, being divorced, not having enough time, resources, and no one that really cared about what I had to say stop me from sharing messages. Since i can remember, I have wanted to start a blog and share my knowledge and past experiences with other women, but I had so many excuses it’s unreal. I realized that only I could change my life. Only I could shed some light on my own darkness and pick my foot up and kick fear right out of my path. I used to read and listen to so many people talk about how if you change the way you think you could change your life and I would close the book or walk away and say things like, “Well, yeah that worked for her, but it will never work for me” or “It was easy for her to do that because…”. You name it, and it was probably an excuse I had as to why I wasn’t able to go full force. Then, it was like I was hit over the head with a bag of pennies when I read Don’t Settle for Safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts. The book just hit home for me in so many ways. You can read my thoughts about the book here. I stopped making excuses about not sharing my experiences and being vocal about subjects like relationships, self discovery and growth, and I even sat down and finished writing my manuscript for my novel. I did all of that within the past two months. When I stopped succumbing to my fear of no one reading my blog posts or the captions under my Instagram posts, I found that after I posted things, I felt better. I felt a sense of relief just writing and getting it out. I’ve heard that when you do something and you lose track of time that you’re in your zone. Writing does that for me. What is it that you do that makes you lose track of time? Is it something that you wish you could do full time? What’s stopping you from doing it? It’s so much easier to procrastinate than it is to get things done.

Here is a list of things that my help you kick fear and procrastination to the curb:

1.) Remember that you can only do one thing at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed if you can’t do everything you need to do in order to each your goal at one time.

2.) Remember that done is better than perfect. If you wait until everything is perfect to get started then…YOU WILL NEVER START. Cause—what is perfection anyway? :-)

3.) Get an accountability partner. Not just someone that you’ve told that you want to do something. Like someone that you know will GET ON YOUR LAST nerve if you don’t actually follow through with what you’ve set out to do. Tell them your plan and when you want them to follow up with you to see if you’re done. Then, make some type of wager with them. My partner is my sister. We usually hold each other accountable for things by making bets with each other. it has to be a bet that you’re able to pay off but you really wouldn’t want to.

4.) Eliminate distractions. Do you stop when you sit down to get started because you have to get on Instagram to watch your neighbor’s dog bark The Star Spangled Banner? If you get sidetracked by social media, put your phone out of reach until you’re done. Do you go to the kitchen to get a snack so you can work better then find yourself in there longer than you need to be? Go to another location if possible. I love going to Starbucks to write.

5. Don’t be hard on yourself. Remember things take time and if you are doing something to get started you are better than you were when you weren’t doing anything at all.

Use the tips above and get started. You will find that doing what you thought you couldn’t do is a lot more fun than thinking or talking about it. So go start that business venture, start writing your book, create your website, or whatever it is you want to do.

Thanks to all of you who have sent questions and e-mails. I think I am going to begin doing a Girl Talk Q&A post with some of the questions y'all have been asking me. Let me know if that's something you would be interested in or go ahead and send your question. My email address is info@richelledenise.com. You could also leave questions in the comment section below. Also, don't forget to SHARE the blog post if you find it helpful.

Until, next time. :-)

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